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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is VisitorReach™?
VisitorReach is an advanced conversational outreach platform that connects churches with local seekers, creating authentic SMS conversations, leading to in-person visitors that assimilate into your church! Our proprietary aiChurchTech™puts your church on 70+ platforms so people find you, personalized ads drive people to engage with you,  and our VisitorReach™ App helps you seamlessly nurture conversations before and after they walk through your doors.
What’s the difference between VisitorReach and other church-specific marketing agencies?
• We are experts in the church marketing space, allowing your ad spend to be as efficient as possible. Since we include ad spend in the monthly price, we tie our success to your success. Other agencies charge one price to manage your ads while also passing along the entire ad spend amount and therefore have no incentive to create efficient ads that reduce costs while also producing visitors.

• Many agencies only focus on one or two channels. We optimize spend over a variety of platforms, helping meet people where they are at — what we call an omnichannel approach. Unlike other agencies that focus on a single channel.

• Our Church clients customize each of their ads with their unique church language and church images. No two ads are alike.

• We help you engage leads with text and email campaigns through the VisitorReach app — driving real conversations, real connections, and actual visitors on Sunday. Other agencies measure success only by impressions and likes.  

• Our main differentiator is our SMS driven engagement strategy through our proprietary VisitorReach App. We’ve heard countless stories from first-time church visitors saying, “You have been texting me for 4 months and this weekend I finally decided to come to church. Thank you for not giving up on me.”
How many engagements should a church expect?
Engagements are the number of new contacts that start text messaging with your church. These contacts and conversations are managed within the VisitorReach App. Each VisitorReach plan generates a different number of monthly engagements.

The average number of text conversations with new people range between 20 to 120 per month. Churches on higher plans tend to see more engagements each month than those on lower plans.
What does Digital Optimization mean and why does it matter?
Digital Optimization is the process of ensuring all information about your church is represented consistently so your church shows up top of the list. VisitorReach cleans up your data on 70+ directories.  This system must be maintained regularly, or optimization is lost and churches lose their placement when someone uses voice or text to ask for “churches near me” in Google or maps search. We’ve seen some churches not show up on the first page even when standing on their very own property!  
How do you measure success?
Helping churches add new, engaged and contributing members is our ultimate goal. Because we don’t see how many new members are being added to your church, we measure the success of ad campaigns by the number of new personal contacts generated and the amount of personal engagements with your leadership team via the VisitorReach app.
We already have a marketing agency, will that conflict with VisitorReach?
A partnership with VisitorReach does not require the exclusion of other marketing partners — both can be used in tandem. VisitorReach focuses on reaching seekers, bringing guests and ongoing assimilation efforts. Your partners may perform other tasks that VisitorReach does not provide, like website management, social media management, brand management, direct mail, and more.
What % of the plan is spent on ads?  
There is a substantial ad spend per client. The VisitorReach platform uses a variable format that analyzes SEO, Google Search, Facebook and Instagram in an intelligent way to determine an optimal combination of ad spending per platform, per client. Keep in mind, the focus of our ads is not ‘likes,’ on posts, but bringing actual visitors through your church doors. Our services go beyond ad marketing. We offer a seamless approach to engage and assimilate new guests through our Journey and Nurturepoint™ process available in our proprietary VisitorReach App.
So, are we going to see a lot of new followers on social media?
Probably not. Our goal is to increase the number of engaged members of your church, not increase the amount of engagements you see on social media.
What role does AI play exactly in the VisitorReach Platform?
We use AI to empower pastors to streamline their responses and promptly respond to questions.  Seekers that request more information can receive automated messages pre-approved by your church. Pastors can engage seekers with 1:1 conversation and utilize other in-app resources, such as Quick Replies and AI responses, to help craft responses, but at all times your team is managing the conversation. The goal is to save time without compromising the personal touch. This is an intentional choice to increase authenticity and seeker engagement.

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