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Ready to connect with people looking for a church home? VisitorReach™ has the tools you need.

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The VisitorReach Process

Your church is amazing, but not everyone knows it. See how we can help you fix that.

Preparing your church for success

Digital Optimization

The VisitorReach Process begins with an comprehensive review of how discoverable your church is online. Our team then begins extensive work to improve your:

● Search engines like Google
● Voice searches
● Map searches
● Social media
● 70+ local directories

This immediately bolsters your online presence and extends your reach to more people in your area.

Put your church in front of the right people

Personalized Ads

Our team of marketing experts puts your church in front of the right people. We start by identifying and reaching individuals in your area who are:

● Newcomers to your city
● In need of prayer
● Questioning their faith or Jesus
● Looking for a church to call home

We then create world-class ads that are customized to look, sound, and feel like your church. These marketing pieces reach people precisely at the moment they contemplate a next step in their faith.

Meaningful text messages with visitors

Real-time Messaging App

In today’s culture, texting is the best way to communicate with people. With the VisitorReach App, churches can quickly communicate with hundreds of new individuals each month, all while minimizing disruptions to their existing work schedule.

The user-friendly system allows you to easily track conversations, ensuring nobody falls through the cracks. You’ll reply to messages, answer questions, pray for people and invite them to church—all through the VisitorReach App.

Turn seekers into visitors

Intelligent Follow-up System

Churches can effortlessly nurture ongoing conversations on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, streamlining the process of guiding seekers towards a profound connection with the church community.

Our team helps you create personalized communication funnels called NurturePoint Journeys™ to guide each visitor to connect with your church. We also build Quick Replies that save hours of pastoral follow-up.

This allows you to easily increase engagement, have authentic conversations, and encourage people to visit your church in person.

Let us help you succeed

Dedicated Client Services

We are your digital outreach partners. Your church will have a dedicated Client Onboarding Specialist to help walk you through each step of getting started.

After this, a dedicated Client Relations Coach will coach you through best practices and ensure our marketing experts are optimizing your ad performance. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your church succeeds!

Easily connect with other software

Integrations with Powerful Platforms

The VisitorReach program allows you to easily collect and manage visitor information. You can easily transfer information from VisitorReach into your church management software, saving you hours of time every month! Currently, our platform integrates with third-party software like Planning Center Online and Rock RMS.

Because all our tech is built from the ground up, we are always adding new features based on customer feedback!

Are you ready to grow your church with us?

Experience the power of aiChurchTech™ as it empowers pastors to engage in authentic conversations, transforming seekers into church visitors and visitors into connected church attendees.

Multiple integrations

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Broadcast real‑time events to connected

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Broadcast real‑time events to connected

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Payroll management

Automatically calculate each employee's pay based on their recorded work hours and hourly rate, which helps you save money on payroll processing costs.

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Invoice generation

Black+ generates invoices based on employee work hours and pay rates, which simplifies billing and helps you get paid quickly and accurately.

Custom App Experience

Our custom app gives you ease-of-use and saves you time with quick replies, auto responses, and aiChurchTech assistance.

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