VisitorReach and NewThing: A Strategic Partnership to Catalyze Kingdom Impact

At VisitorReach, we want to equip churches with new digital tools to connect with the lost and hurting in their area. Together with NewThing’s framework that equips church leaders, we can empower churches to reach more people and grow churches that make an impact far beyond traditional boundaries!

In order to advance the gospel forward, VisitorReach aligns with Strategic Partners based on a mutual commitment to shared visions, missions, and values. Together with these partners, we passionately support the church with essential resources and outstanding services..

That is why we’re excited to announce our new strategic partnership with NewThing! This collaboration is rooted in our shared vision to make a profound impact on the Kingdom of God.

Who is NewThing?

NewThing is not just about planting churches; it's about sparking movements. The NewThing mission  is to equip churches with everything they need to be a reproducing church. This mission is centered on reproducing disciples, leaders, churches, networks, and movements With over 25,000 churches in their network, NewThing provides a robust framework that equips church leaders to expand their impact far beyond traditional boundaries. 

The Partnership

“We are delighted to partner with NewThing in our shared mission to catalyze movements of reproducing churches.  At VisitorReach, we want to equip churches with a new set of digital tools to connect churches with the lost and hurting in their area. Together, we can empower churches to reach more newcomers and spiritual seekers, leading to growing churches that make an impact in their community."
- Marc Estes, CEO of VisitorReach

Developed by pastors for pastors, VisitorReach transforms virtual connections into real-world communities. The VisitorReach Process, known for expanding a church’s reach and creating new connections each month, will be complemented by NewThing's strategic frameworks for church reproduction and leadership development. Our combined efforts will focus on equipping churches to reach and connect with more people in their communities. 

Join Our Mission

Together, VisitorReach and NewThing are setting the stage for a new era of church outreach and community impact. Join us as we move forward in our mission to catalyze reproducing churches that can bring transformative change to their churches and communities worldwide.

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